Remove pet odour from textiles

"Clean and fragrant" are not the first words to pop up when describing a home with a dog, cat or other furry pet, and frankly, the wagging and long-haired friends can leave a strong odor that almost destroys the home's atmosphere.

However, it is possible to keep both dog, cat and other fur animals and at the same time maintain a fresh and clean home, but it requires effort. The key to an odour-free home is to eliminate the odour sources completely! Therefore, regularly wash the textiles (dog blankets, pillows, baskets, etc.) that your fur animals are in contact with in OdorKlenz Laundry Additive.

Get completely odourless dog blankets

Everyone who has had a dog knows the smell of dog - they smell of… dogs. For most dog owners, this is not a problem, but for people who have never had a dog and are only used to smelling clean people, the smell of dog can be overwhelming. Dog owners also live with the dog's scent trail in their surroundings; in the home, the car, the clothes, etc., which causes the dog owner to become even more accustomed to the smell of dog.

Even for dog owners, the smell can sometimes be overwhelming and it is precisely here that the smell becomes a problem - because if the smell is too strong for the dog owner, it is certainly so for your guests.

The good news is that in many cases, bad odours can be remedied in dogs. The dog emits an odour to its surroundings from fur, paws and saliva - and the odor settles especially in the textiles it comes in contact with (blankets, dog baskets, towels, bedding, etc.). If you have an older dog, it may suffer from incontinence and the smell of dog urine in textiles is not nice to live with.

Fragrant dog shampoo is nice, but the fragrances can unfortunately irritate the dog's skin and hair follicles, and the scent itself does not stay in the dog's coat for very long. It is therefore recommended that you replace the fragrant chemical shampoo with a mild, fragrance-free shampoo - or better yet; a shampoo specially made to remove dog odour.

Regularly wash the textiles that your dog is in contact with (blankets, pillows, bedding, etc.) in OdorKlenz Laundry Additive. You will experience completely odourless textiles without exposing yourself or your animals to chemicals and perfumes. Your guests will appreciate it - because they experience the smell several times stronger than you who live in a home with a dog.

- I'm a total fan!

"Believe it or not, but it WORKS

After many years with dogs and the eternal smell of wet dog, even though the blankets / dog basket have just been washed, it still had the smell of wet dog. After I tried Odorklenz, the smell of dog is completely gone after washing. It is a pleasure to wash your dog blankets and dog baskets and know that when it comes out of the machine, you can sleep on it yourself.

It sounds almost too good to be true, but no try it yourself! It also affects the training clothes, cycling clothes and football / handball sweat odors."

Lise L. - Dog trainer, Herning - DK

Hunters - go odorless hunting and avoid to be discovered by the animals

Families with hunting dogs, of course, in the same way as all other dog owners, benefit from OdorKlenz Laundry Additive as an odour remover for the textiles the dog comes in contact with. In addition, however, there is an extra gain for the hunting dog owner - that is, the hunter!

Fragrance-free hunting tactics start with ensuring that your clothes are odourless. Wash your hunting clothes in odourless detergent with OdorKlenz Laundry to get rid of all fragrances and odours in your clothes. Dry the clothes outdoors and store them in an airtight bag until you arrive at your hunting area

Think of the deer brain as a scent-driven computer. Every time deer inhales - their brain filters and analyzes all odours in their environment. They smell of acorns, plants, squirrels, other deer and - if you are not careful - you!

Odorklenz is a simple method for safe and quick removal of odours and fragrances in all washable fabrics. The product contains no fragrances - your laundry will thus be odour and chemical free.







The Champion of removing odours from your dog blankets and all other textiles

At OdorKlenz, we understand the specific odour-causing bacteria that live on our pets.

We’ve developed a laundry detergent that not only target odours at their source: it neutralizes and eliminates odours from the source. Using our patented earth-mineral technology, we’ve developed the leading odour-neutralizing and removal detergent.

Formulated to work in both HE (High Efficiency) machines and top loader machines.

OdorKlenz has developed such a revolutionary product that we are willing to back it up with the ultimate cleaning industry guaranty: A 30-day money back guarantee

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