Inspired by people suffering from MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity

The development of OdorKlenz products was inspired by people suffering from fragrance and chemical sensitivity, "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" also abbreviated MCS.

People suffering from MCS are especially sensitive to chemical pollutants in the air and clothes, and show symptoms because they are exposed to certain chemicals.

These symptoms can affect many body functions and the most common are:

•  Headache
•  Migraine
•  Cognitive dysfunction
   (problems with thinking, memory and concentration)
•  Severe fatigue, exhaustion
•  Feeling sick, flu-feeling
•  Dizziness
•  Nausea
•  Skin and mucosal problems, respiratory distress, eye discomfort
•  Urinary tract infection
•  Symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract
•  Joint pain
•  Chest pain

One of the biggest challenges for MCS patients is that they live in a world where chemicals and fragrances are present everywhere. Therefore there is a need for efficient methods to reduce sympthoms and increase the quality of life for this group of people.

Certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic
Products with the Asthma Allergy Nordic label have undergone a risk assessment and are your reassurance of minimal risk of allergies. Our laundry additives are certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic.


The difference between MCS and allergy:

Allergy can be measured in the blood or by skin prick test.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can not be measured - one can only relate to the person's experiences.

Sensitivity is used for both allergy and chemical sensitivity.

Types of chemicals
OdorKlenz products are effective against many different types of chemicals, such as:
Esters, terpenes, aromatics, amines, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and thiols.

For people with MCS, many chemicals and substances with strong fragrance are the most common triggers for their symptoms and include:
Perfumes, cleaning products, pesticides, cigarette smoke and many more.

OdorKlenz products are designed to absorb and neutralize these types of chemicals and fragrances, while the products do not release other chemicals that can trigger new symptoms.

It works superbly!

Helle, Denmark - MCS patient
Fragrance allergy (skin contact and inhalation) - Diagnosed with severe MCS in 2013

"Just about a year ago, I was asked if I would try OdorKlenz and I naturally agreed with pleasure. Try to imagine an agent that could make everyday life easier.

This is an agent which has worked superbly for me. However, I have had to add a higher dosage than recommended.
I use OdorKlenz in the following situations:

• All new clothes are washed with an odour-neutral detergent with added OdorKlenz. This removes both perfume and chemical odours found in new clothes.

• If I have been to a function, perfume in clothes and jacket cannot be avoided, so I get them washed. I add OdorKlenz and the things that make me sick are there no more.

• When travelling, I bring OdorKlenz with me because it not only removes the perfume from my clothes, but also from washing machines where perfumed detergent/fabric softener is normally used.

• If my girlfriend comes from England, her suitcase is placed outside and then all her clothes are washed with unscented detergent and OdorKlenz. Then we have a good holiday without activating all my multiple chemical sensitivity and allergy symptoms.

• When I buy second-hand clothes - which I stopped doing at one point because I could not wash the perfume even after 8-10 washing cycles - it is not a problem anymore, because now I just add OdorKlenz. If the situation is extreme, I may have to wash the clothes twice, but this happens very rarely.

• If we have had a bonfire or a barbecue, the smell lingers in the clothes and is hard to remove - but OdorKlenz manages to do it.

My daughter has also tried it. Her husband is a tractor mechanic and a fire-fighter in his spare time. It has been impossible to wash oil, smoke and sweat from his clothes. The first time she had to wash his clothes twice with OdorKlenz, to eliminate oil, smoke and sweat odour from his clothes. But after that, washing them only once has been enough.

OdorKlenz has made my life less complicated and I can highly recommend the product to others with MCS and fragrance allergy. But as you can see, a fire-fighter or mechanic can also benefit greatly from the product."


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