Why buy products with The Blue Label

The international allergy label The Blue Label is well-known amongst Nordic consumers. The label was founded in Denmark in the 1980s by the patient association Asthma-Allergy Denmark. A patient association that works towards making everyday life easier for people with allergies, hay fever, asthma and eczema.

The Blue Label can help you reduce your risk of skin allergy. This is important, because when you first suffer from skin allergy it is for life.

Asthma-Allergy Denmark carry out a thorough evaluation of all the ingredients contained in the products. If a product does not meet the requirements of the allergy label, it may not carry the label.

We know that skin allergy result in reduced quality of life and our vision is to help and prevent in order to make the treatment of skin allergy more effective. The Blue Label therefore collaborates extensively with dermatologists, researchers at home and abroad, as well as international associations to keep up-to-date on the latest knowledge. This is your guarantee that The Blue Label is always at the forefront of the fight against skin allergy.

What causes skin allergy

All substances can potentially cause skin allergy. But some substances cause skin allergy more frequently than others. We impose requirements for substances that are known to cause skin allergy in many people to be excluded from products that carry The Blue Label.

This means, among other things, that the following substances may not be used in the products:

• Perfume - both natural and synthetic
• The addition of formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers
• Kathon, MI and MCI
• Certain natural substances that has not been purifed
• Colophonium

To assess whether a product can carry The Blue Label, Astma-Allergy Denmark require information about all the ingredients that are used in the product, as well as their concentration and function.
You can read more about The Blue Label here:

Do you already have skin allergy to consider

Contact dermatitis, also called skin allergy, is an allergy you can get if your skin comes into contact with allergenic substances. For example, you can have skin allergy to perfume and certain preservatives. Your risk of getting skin allergy increases the longer you are in contact with the substance, and if you often come into contact with the substance. Therefore, there is a higher risk of children developing skin allergy when their skin is exposed to allergenic substances early in life.

The more you get exposed to a substance, the greater is your risk of developing allergies.

You can prevent contact allergy

You run the risk of developing allergies to the substances you meet in your everyday life. Therefore you must avoid unnecessary substances in eg. your clothes, if you want to prevent contact allergy.

Since perfume is one of the major risk factors, it is wise - especially for children - to avoid perfumed products.

Contact allergy is the only allergy that can be prevented. It therefore makes good sense to avoid perfume and unnecessary chemicals in your laundry.

Is your product for odour removal:
• eco- friendly?      • fragrance free?
• based on natural ingredients?
• certified by Asthma-Allergy Denmark?

OdorKlenz Laundry is!

We care about you and your family.


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