The odour molecules in our clothes are not water soluble. When using regular detergent and washing powder, old odours are simply encapsulated - they do not disappear. When the body later warms up the clothes, the capsules burst and the bad smell returns. As a consequence, clothes do not feel fresh and comfortable. OdorKlenz Laundry breaks down the odour molecules in the clothes, leaving them completely free from odour and chemicals.

Stress-related sweat odour

When stressed, the body produces hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, resulting in increased heart rate and muscle tension. Adrenaline can also have another physical side effect: perspiration. And research shows that sweat caused by stress can make you smell worse than a visit to the gym.

Not only does stress-related sweat smell worse than regular sweat but the amount of sweat your body produces in stressful situations is also greater. Under stress, your armpits release an average of 30 times more sweat than at rest. The cortisol hormone can even cause your sweat to smell of cat urine.

If the sweat odour is still stuck to your clothes after you have washed them, OdorKlenz Laundry can make them odourless again. Because once sweat bacteria is in your clothes, it starts to smell ugly as soon as the body warms up the clothes again.


Organic odours - children


As far as children's clothes and textiles are concerned, we know that they get exposed to just about everything. Food residue, slurry, urine, vomit, stools etc. So far, it has only been possible to get rid of the smell by using fragrances or strong chemicals.

OdorKlenz eliminates all odours in your fabrics in a gentle and natural way. The product is declared in collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark and is your assurance that your loved ones will not be exposed to allergenic and skin-irritating substances.


Odour due to incontinence


With age, more challenges often arise in everyday life. Certain types of medication can affect sweat production (more smelly sweat), incontinence (stools/urine) gives off odour in the clothes, and the skin becomes weaker and more vulnerable to organic/chemical contamination.

Incontinence discomfort often leads to social isolation. For example, people avoid ordinary interaction, shopping, travelling and the like, because they do not want others to perceive them as smelly. It is therefore important that the elderly get proper personal hygiene. Not least, it is important to make sure that the clothes are completely odourless after washing.

If urine or sweat odour are stuck in the clothes after washing, OdorKlenz can get make them odourless again without the use of skin-irritating fragrances and strong chemicals.


Get rid of pet odours


"Clean and fragrant" is not the first word that pops up to mind when describing a home with a dog, cat or other furry pet, and frankly our tail-waggling and long-haired friends can leave a strong smell that can almost destroy the atmosphere of the home!

However, it is possible to keep your dog, cat or other furry animals while maintaining a fresh and clean home, but this would require more efforts. The key to an odourless home is to completely eliminate odour sources! Therefore, regularly use OdorKlenz to wash the textiles (blankets, pillows etc.) that your furry animals are in contact with.


Teen sweat odour hormones


When you become a teenager, your body changes and you produce a lot of hormones. This means, among other things, that you get more hair growth and your sweat starts smelling different. So this is quite normal for a teenager, but it is just exasperating when you go to school and have other things to think about than sweat spots and bad smells.

In many teenagers, the sweat odour is so strong that it still lingers in clothes after washing. New sweat does not smell in general, but if there are remnants of "old" sweat in the clothes, the smell will be reactivated by the heat from the body. Add a little OdorKlenz to your laundry and it will be completely free of odours and chemical substances.


Job-related odours



You are a farmer, butcher, mechanic or work in the restaurant industry. Maybe you are a fireman or work in an industry or environment that leaves smells in your clothes! It can be very difficult to get rid of the odour by using common detergents, and even heavily perfumed laundry and rinse agents or other chemical fluids just mask the annoying odour?

OdorKlenz solves your problem once and for all! By adding OdorKlenz to your usual detergent, your problem is solved and you once again enjoy clean, fresh and odourless work clothes. OdorKlenz's unique technology does not distinguish between odour types, so whatever your clothes smell like, OdorKlenz does the job every time. And remember OdorKlenz carries the Blue Wreath logo and is announced in collaboration with Asthma Allergy Denmark.


The Champion of odour removal

At OdorKlenz, we understand the specific odors produced in different situations.

We’ve developed a laundry detergent that not only target odours at their source: it neutralizes and eliminates odours from the source. Using our patented earth-mineral technology, we’ve developed the leading odour-neutralizing and removal detergent.

Formulated to work in both HE (High Efficiency) machines and top loader machines.

OdorKlenz has developed such a revolutionary product that we are willing to back it up with the ultimate cleaning industry guaranty:
A 30-day money back guarantee

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